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We strive to unite people based on the idea of social equality, to help fellow citizens who find themselves in complicated and difficult life situations both in the Netherlands and abroad, as well as to conduct consulting and educational work among vulnerable segments of the population.

We invite to cooperation volunteers who speak different languages, have experience in the field of taxation, immigration, adaptation, as well as simply not indifferent people who are ready and willing to be useful and help people.



Holland as a bastion of well-being, tranquillity and hospitality annually receives thousands of migrants. Dutch have shown themselves to be people with a big heart, providing shelter for thousands of Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war. Every migrant and every refugee in the Netherlands has their own path. And this is often a difficult path of integration and socialization – from language learning to employment, learning the nuances of taxation, solving the housing issue. And at home, everyone has relatives who often require to be supported.

In the Netherlands, new arrivals (nieuwkommers) have huge opportunities, hundreds of doors. But not everyone has the knowledge and courage to enter these doors. There is not enough support – a friend’s shoulder to lean on.

Need help?

The Help’im Foundation is the very shoulder needed for migrants, as well as for their relatives who have remained in a disadvantaged social environment or even under direct threat to life and health. We will help!

Want to help?

We also act as a center of attraction for those who are willing to help. If you arrived in the Netherlands a long time ago and have already managed to firmly stand on your feet, you will be very useful to newcomers.

Our team consists of experienced lawyers, tax consultants, accountants, media specialists, experts in migration law, mediators. Our work is information support for people in need, the organization of cultural, charitable and educational events, meetings with representatives of state bodies, and the collection of donations.

It’s important!

The Help’im team is out of politics. We are against violence in any form, and this is an active position that we reinforce with our actions.

Consulting Support Center (

We ourselves are migrants: someone in the past, and someone is now too. That is why we understand how difficult it can be for people in a foreign country to find a solution and an answer. Not knowing the language, the country, the structure of organs and society as a whole – all this leads to the fact that even the simplest question may seem unsolvable. In this case, we have organized an online consultation center, in which our specialists are ready to help and answer your questions.



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We recently learned about a situation that happened in Slovakia with four students from Ukraine. They are children who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Pelikh Alena, Kovtun Karina, Vladislav Klimachov and Daria Romashka.

Immigration is not an easy process. Everyone has challenges: language, cultural,  structure of the government and the country.  Not speaking the language, complicated official system make life sometimes too difficult and unbearable. Sometimes even simple tasks that you used to deal easily in your home country or even in other country seem too complex.


The Foundation is committed to at least 90% in the public interest. This is the 90% requirement.

We plan to spend 100% of incoming resources for the cause we stand for: HELPING. This Foundation is strictly for the purpose of helping those who in need.

  1. The Foundation has no profit motive with all of its generally useful activities.

The Foundation and the people directly involved with the institution meet the integrity requirements.

Our core principles are: truthfulness, compassion, love and care.

Do something good


We would love to help everyone who is suffering! Unfortunately, that’s impossible. If you are in an urgent life-threatening difficult situation, please, write to us. Volunteers of our foundation will connect with, collect necessary information and evaluate possibility of our assistance.


Holidays are heartwarming times for everyone, uniting, giving love and compassion. These times of joy and miracles shall be present in everyone’s life. If you would like to invite our volunteers to orphanage, houses for elderly or any social housings, please contact us.


We are always are happy to join sports events, especially for vulnerable and people with special needs.  We are open to your ideas and suggestions.

  1. Virtual Excursions to Museums
  2. KNM courses for children

In a foreign country, it is challenging to navigate legal system and make right decisions. To assist vulnerable people, we organized online consultation centers. For more information click

We invite embassies and national organizations from all former USSR countries. As our target group is people from former USSR countries, cooperation is needed.

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